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Vacant – Contracted Internet Engineer


Tonga Communications Corporation invites applications for this position.

1) Contracted Internet Engineer

This position will carry out the following duties:
• Direct Responsible to the Manager Engineer for efficient operation of the company’s Internet Section.
• Monitor and Maintenance Internet Access Network, International Links, Core Network and Internet Service.
1. Degree in Information and Communications Technology OR relevant equivalent qualification.
2. Practical skills and understanding on server technology, server hardware, Microsoft Os, Linux Os and BSD Os.
3. Practical skills and understanding on computer network especially relating to TCP/IP, Firewalls & VLANS VPNS
4. Excellent Practical and Network Troubleshooting skills
5. Ability to Plan, Implement, Monitors and Evaluates projects.
6. Excellent Time Management skills including the ability to work under pressure and to deadlines.
7. Ability and willingness to provide training for staff


The successful applicant will be on a 6 months probationary period. Salary scale max at $46848 per annum but entry point will depend on Qualification, Experience and Skills.

For Job Descriptions or further information if required please contact the Manager Administration on 20000 or email: recruitment@tcc.to

Please send your CV with certified copies of the academic transcripts and references no later than 4.00pm, Friday 13rd May 2016 to:

Chief Executive Officer
Tonga Communications Corporation
Private Bag 4

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