..........Tonga Communications Corporation - KALIA VOICE - is now ONLY 30 seniti per minute to call from your U-Call to either land line or mobile number in USA, CHINA. Call AUSTRALIA, NEW ZEALAND land line for ONLY 30 seniti and mobile for ONLY 45 seniti. Calls to FIJI land line and mobile is ONLY 50 seniti......... CONDITIONS APPLY ......

Kalianet Service

TCC’s Kalianet service operates on the latest technology in data communications, Kalianet is available throughout Tongatapu, Ha’apai, Vava’u and ‘Eua through WiMAX broadband technology, but through low speed access from the two Niuas. Today, the landing of the submarine fiber optic cable in Tonga will enhance communication capability and ICT development in the Kingdom. This will attract numerous of benefits and economic opportunities to Tonga and its people at ...

E-Mail Services

Our e-mail services provides "Kaliasurf " customers with two (2) Free e-mail addresses for each account and one (1) e-mail address for each "Dialup" customers. Extra e-mail addresses is also available upon request for T$10 per address. We also can host a Virtual E-Mail server for your company or organisation.

Website Hosting

Hosting private/business websites is also available. We can register you new .to domain (for free) or host an existing .to domain as well as providing you with server space in a secure environment to host your personal or business website.

Dialup Service

Dial Up Dial-up Internet access actually dials up a number and establishes a link before the communication/transaction can start. A dial up connection needs a phone line and modem to connect to a server or a smart hub.

Lease Line Service

Lease Line A line is a permanent telephone connection between two points set up by a telecommunications common carrier, sometimes reffered to as a dedicated line. They can be used for telephone, data, or internet services. Generally, leased lines are recommended for businesses which rely on the net connection to conduct business on a daily basis and to connect geographically distant offices. A leased line is always active.

Kalianet Internet Services

TCC's Kalianet service operates on the latest technology in data communica- tions, WiMax. Kalianet is available throughout Tongatapu, Ha'apai, Vava'u, and 'Eua through WiMax broadband, but through dial-up from the two Niuas.


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