..........Tonga Communications Corporation - KALIA VOICE - is now ONLY 30 seniti per minute to call from your U-Call to either land line or mobile number in USA, CHINA. Call AUSTRALIA, NEW ZEALAND land line for ONLY 30 seniti and mobile for ONLY 45 seniti. Calls to FIJI land line and mobile is ONLY 50 seniti......... CONDITIONS APPLY ......
This page is to notify customers of their accumulative usage that as from the start of the current month. Usage is provided in GB (Gigabyte) unit. Please login using your kalianet username and password. Once login a popup window will display your today's' usage as well as your total monthly usage for the current month.
Kalianet Usage
IMPORTANT: Please allow pop-up window before you login.
For enquries please call 0800222 or email enquiries@tcc.to. Our 24hrs standby mobile no: +6767715194 and +6767754762. During office hours please report faults to +67620067 and +67620082. For complaints/feedbacks regarding our Internet services please call +67620066. For billing enquiries please call +67620027. For U-FLASH problems please call +67627044 during working hours.
Prepaid Landline Credit (for Prepaid ADSL)
NOTE: Please contact (+676)27045, (+676)27044, (+676)27076 for your password if you don't have one yet.
Thank you for using Kalianet services

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